The Back Benchers

The Great One, Mark Levin, has a name for radio talk show hosts that steal his ideas. He calls them back benchers. I think when he refers to back benchers, he’s talking about unoriginal talk show hosts that share his ideology but not his talent.
I suppose it’s the same in the blogosphere. But I’ve never encountered an anti-castro back bencher in my 3+ years doing this.
But there are a bunch of blogs out there about Cuba that I would never read because of their castroite stance. Though I don’t read them, I get google alerts when they post something. The alerts usually contain a blurb from the post and if I recognize the source as being a castroite back bencher I never click through.
Over the last couple of days I have noticed that items which I post here about articles and castroite press releases that compliment the regime and that I refute are appearing on one of the back bencher blogs, usually the next day as legitimate items. The latest one is the piece of propaganda garbage about 100,000 eco-farms in Cuba. I suppose that’s what makes them back benchers.

4 thoughts on “The Back Benchers”

  1. I hope that you are not including my blog as one of those with a castroite stance. I am “committed to a demonstration of civility, respectable debate and forming sound arguments on US/Cuba issues.” I temporarily had to close my blog recently because with spring just around the corner, I have to tend to my lawn service and house cleaning business.

  2. I wasn’t referring specifically to your blog Cholo but yes, you are a castroite back bencher.

  3. El cholo Paul Benavides is probably at the dialogueros conference in Havana today. He could also be carrying out an “internationalist mission” on behalf of the Castro regime, possibly trying to reorganize a subversive movement in his native Peru. Good riddance.

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