Cuba Nostalgia 2008 – To Tee or Not to Tee

The Cuba Nostalgia Convention is fast approaching and we’re pretty busy behind the scenes in preparations mode. We’ve got a few things planned already but I wanted to get you all out there involved and into the mix.
In previous years we’ve designed and sold tshirts to help with the costs of the convention and this has been pretty successful for the most part. Two years ago we sold the “Che? Still Dead!” tshirts and last year we sold out of the “Miami Mafia” tshirts. We’ve had quite a year, Cuba news-wise, and thus, I’m a bit stumped as to what would be this year’s best message or image to carry on our t-shirts at the Convention.
So this year’s t-shirt design is up to you. Drop your suggestions in the comments box and then we’ll take poll to decide which suggestion or idea to run with.
Once we’ve decided on said idea, then we’ll put out a call for their design.
Have at it, folks.

20 thoughts on “Cuba Nostalgia 2008 – To Tee or Not to Tee”

  1. Val,
    You remember that Che poster comprised of photos of all his victims that came out about 6 months ago? You think that image would be “silkscreenable?” I’m guessing perhaps it is to detailed an image but – it was a thought.

  2. Val,
    How about something along the lines of
    with graphics in the background similar to Biscet’s, of the Island of Cuba or a Caiman behind bars?
    I wish you well 🙂 Melek
    “Man loves liberty, even if he does not know that he loves it. He is driven by it and flees from where it does not exist.” ~ Jose Marti

  3. The other day while watching in the news how the damas de blanco were being treated in havana, my 13 year old daughter asked me why they don’t
    make t-shirts with the picture of the “Damas de Blanco” on them so that more people will see and know the truth. I thought that was great idea.

  4. Babalu’s 5th anniversary is coming up. How about something regarding that. A visual representation of “an island on the net without a bearded dictator”

  5. Definitively, something with CAMBIO on it, it’s a must, with the babalu slogan underneath, so those no tan duchos en el tema will know what are we talking about?
    Different images in the back, like Damas de Blanco, Biscet, the che foto with the faces of his victims… maybe having different back designs will allow different people to choose the cause they identify the most with; even when the front images states that this is all for Cuba.
    Just my two cents…

  6. Regardless of any idea for the design I would like the T-Shirt to have a website printed on it.
    Let’s say we go with Biscet then, Babalu, no sure if there’s a website for Las Damas de Blanco, etc. The idea is that the people who see the T-Shirt on the street and don’t know who Biscet is, hopefully will have somewhere to go to learn.

  7. Val make sure you have a couple of thousands of Cambio bracelets ya sea para regalar o para la venta( no deben ser mas de $ 3.00) para el booth de Babalu..this will the the gadget to have at the convention this year
    check with the manufacturer maybe he can place the on it. If this is the case you must regalarlos not for sale ..Maybe you can get an sponsor that picks up the tab

  8. I’m with Cubanita. I definitely think it’s important for the shirts to say CAMBIO.
    And I like the idea of having different causes and/or websites listed on the back.
    And for those that are wondering, yes, I am planning on being there. 🙂

  9. How about the word CAMBIO with the picture of the Damas de Blanco on the front, their e-mail address and each one with a different picture of the imprisoned loved ones and their names, like you put here on your site in the back. Put a real faces to the cause with the address.

  10. “Cubans- still intransigentes after all these years.” ha ha
    Val, if you go with the bracelets and need a manufacturer, let me know. The one who did them for me will give you a great price for a huge order and they are definitely friends of Cuban exiles.

  11. I like Melek’s suggestion:
    You could also include a bracelet to wear with it.
    My second choice is Claudia4Libertad’s suggestion:
    “Cubans- still intransigentes after all these years.”
    Also how about a map of Cuba with some of the major “aparthaid” locations, stating the name and below it “Cubans not allowed”. This would bring light to the double standards practiced by the castro brothers and their minions.
    How about someone using the internet on a computer with the caption “You are not allowed to do this in Cuba”
    Also how about a wanted poster like the ones you have done here on the blog, with the faces of fidel and raul with a list of their crimes….

  12. I like Orgullosadesercubana’s apartheid idea. So many people have no idea that there is apartheid on the island.
    Maybe the words “ demands CAMBIO in Cuba of…” and under it:
    health care
    This could be on the back.
    On the front could be something else. If a long message is on the back it’s easier for people to read when you’re in line or walking.
    Just my 2 cents

  13. Just a idea and I and sure someone has already thought of this….perhaps an internet cafe will be set up. People could post live..perhaps with photos..directly into Cuba?

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