Less than human

Have you ever wondered how the world can look at Cuba and not see its reality? Read this Reuters article, “U.S. embargo on Cuba benefits Europe, Canada firms,” and you will get a good idea why.
The article gives us plenty of information regarding the foreign firms that do business with the Cuban dictatorship. It also tells us of how US companies are “missing out” on all of these business ventures due to the embargo. What the article does not tell us, however, is how none of this “trade” with a despotic regime has ever benefited the Cuban people.
And there is the rub: the Cuba issue to many in this world is not about the Cuban people. The issue is about money, politics, and that giddy feeling they get whenever they talk about the revolution.
Cuba’s human population of 11-million+ political prisoners is a small detail that is not really relevant. Sure, they suffer; sure, they are oppressed; sure, they are jailed unjustly; sure, they are executed; but after all, they are only Cubans. The most important thing, if you were to subscribe to the same vile mentality of this article, is making money and scoring political brownie points.
The Cuban people? Well, who ever said they were human anyway?

2 thoughts on “Less than human”

  1. Despicable though it clearly is, a lot of people are far more interested in sticking it to the US than in helping Cuba. This is a big part of the problem. Cuba just happens to be a very convenient OBJECT to use for anti-American purposes.

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