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  1. El puente de Bacunayagua (creo que pasa sobre el rio Canimar) en la carretera de la Habana a Matanzas?

  2. yes!!!
    i’m a cubanaza de pura cepa, la la la
    guys, too close and too familiar to be forgotten…after all, it’s been only seven years.

  3. I forgot to add some hsitory… this might be taken years ago, when it was still under construction.
    Since I’ve known it, in the hill that you can see to the right, there is a restaurant. Hace muchoooooossss anos, you could have lunch there in your way to Matanzas or, hopefully Varadero; they used to have some damn good bistecs de jamon. This was when I was like, a teenager.
    Then it went abandoned many years, no more food in your way to Matanzas, you needed to get your pan con tortilla y tu pomo con agua ready at home before leaving.
    Later it was turned out, surprise! in a restaurant in dollars, where buses pack up with tourists in their way to Varadero or to Varadero’s Intern’l Airport would have their lunch…last pictures I have with my family and relatives here are from 1997, when it was already in ” area dollar”.

  4. The bridge was part of the four-lane highway called the Via Blanca, built mostly during the 1950s and completed in 1960. I remember taking that highway to Guanabo Beach in 1960.

  5. Wow, even the names change with the years (or have been changed on purposed?) …
    I lived most of my life east of Havana, you would say “Via Blanca” when referring to the segment from el tunel de la bahia hasta la playa de Guanabo, from there, going east, it was always called “la autopista de Matanzas”.
    Weird, eh?

  6. And yes, cubanita, that little restaurant with the overlook (from the high position looking out and down on the jungle landscape) still gets packed with annoying European and Canadian tourists. Ugh.
    I can remember sitting on the patio with my cousin Carlos coming up with make believe stories about all the tourists walking past us. Still cracks me up. We were – a bit on the crude side.

  7. Congrats to Cubanita in Colorado. She got it in less than 20 minutes after I posted it. Great to hear all the anecdotes. I’m going to make this a regular feature.

  8. You’re welcome CubaWatch. Here’s some info I was able to dig out:
    Construction of the bridge began in 1956 and was inaugurated in October 3rd 1959. Rumor has it that fifo and his favorite concubine, celia sánchez “inspected” the bridge and drove across it on September 26, 1959.
    The Bacunayagua Bridge was classified during the time “as a colossal work, not only for its extension but for its height over an immense cliff. The bridge is 11 miles east of Havana on the Via Blanca Highway. It measures 1,000 ft. long and is suspended 374 ft. above the Bacunayagua River Canyon.”
    “The arch of the bridge is made out of laminated metal, set up in two sections, each one turning until they were locked in their permanent position. The bridge consists of 41 columns and on its bolsters there are 6 beams (fused in the same place the bridge was being built) each weighting 47 tons.” The main architect (and project supervisor) was Cuban engineer Luis Saenz Duplace.

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