Required reading

Though they have been mentioned here before, it’s worth repeating that there’s a nascent blogger community in Cuba these days. We have found these two to be particularly informative.
gen y.jpg
Generación Y is written by Yoani Sánchez. She writes her posts at home and then uploads them at internet cafe’s or other places where she can access the web.
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A new addition to the Cuban blogosphere is Potro Salvaje, or “Wild Colt”. The name is a stick in the eye of Ramiro Valdes the information Czar of Cuba who claimed the internet is a “wild colt” that needed to be tamed. The blog is self described as being about internet censorship in Cuba.
On the domestic front, of course, we have many friends but one particular blog that is required reading for me is Uncommon Sense, written by Marc Masferrer who is also a Babalu contributor.
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Uncommon Sense profiles Cuban dissidents and political prisoners on a daily basis and much more.
Make sure to bookmark these fine blogs.

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  1. I could not compete with all these new Cuban freedom blogs and had to shut down my Mambo Watch blog.

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