3 thoughts on “Señora Libertad”

  1. Not to rehatch the Gloria Estefan controversy again, but what a difference between Ulises’s song–creative, beautiful, unequivocal–and Gloria Estefan’s politically neutral [so as not offend her “fans”] and commercialized Santana back-up, recycled garbage. By the way, I don’t think that her CD did too good. It seems to have just frizzled out at some point. Which proves que la mierda siempre se va para bajo.
    Anyway, getting back to Ulises. His a great artist. Culture [art, music, movies, books] is the most potent arm against any dictatorship. I wish him luck. I did a search on Ulises and found this site:

  2. If more entertainers would take to doing what this man has done it would have a far reaching voice. One has to wonder if money is more important than human rights and freedom for some.

  3. This is cool! My wife was in a band with Miguel in Cuba named Gens Nova for 7 years. It is good to see he is successful.

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