Book Review- “The Peerless Dulcinea”

Last summer I was contacted by Cuban-American author, Susana Lohse, who had been reading my blog and wanted to send me her award winning novel, “The Peerless Dulcinea” to share with my daughter. I accepted and my daughter and I read and thoroughly enjoyed the story of a family who lives in pre-castro Cuba and then moves to Colorado after castro takes over. It depicts the contrasts between living a life of luxury in pre-revolution Cuba and living under a communist regime and then leaving everything behind. It not only is a great story for kids from grades five through eight, it’s also a very good tool to teach children traditional values and how good triumphs over evil.
“The Peerless Dulcinea” won a Gold Award at the 37th Annual WorldFest Houston International Film Festival as a screenplay before the novel was even finished. Susan Lohse also has two other children’s books in the works, to be available next year.
Alberto De la Cruz and I will be interviewing Susana on Blog Talk Radio-Blogging for Libertad-this Thursday, March 27th at 8:00 EST. We’ll be discussing her writing career, her accomplishments and much more. We hope you check out Susana’s book HERE and tune in on Thursday.