Obama and the race issue

Two excellent columns about Obama’s speech on race (his attempt to diffuse the situation created by the revelation that his pastor of 20 years is a bigoted racist wacko).
One by Victor Davis Hanson:

…notice how Obama characterizes Wright’s bigoted, paranoid, hate-filled, ignorant rants: remarks that could be considered controversial. The passive voice and the weasel-word “controversial” are of course the rhetorical perfume Obama sprays over Wright’s malodorous comments. The “could be considered” also implies that the remarks should not be judged in terms of their truth or conformity to empirical evidence. Rather, how one reacts to them is what’s important, and that reaction is merely a consequence of personal taste or preference or socio-racial-economic “situation,” a bit of postmodern cant that runs throughout Obama’s speech. Thus when Obama calls the remarks a profoundly distorted view of this country, what he means is not that they are false, but that Obama disagrees with them.

The other by Charles Krauthammer:

The beauty of a speech is that you don’t just give the answers, you provide your own questions. “Did I ever hear him make remarks that could be considered controversial while I sat in church? Yes.” So said Barack Obama, in his Philadelphia speech about his pastor, friend, mentor and spiritual adviser of 20 years, Jeremiah Wright.
An interesting, if belated, admission. But the more important question is: which”controversial” remarks?
Wright’s assertion from the pulpit that the U.S. government invented HIV “as a means of genocide against people of color”? Wright’s claim that America was morally responsible for Sept. 11 — “chickens coming home to roost” — because of, among other crimes, Hiroshima and Nagasaki? (Obama says he missed church that day. Had he never heard about it?) What about the charge that the U.S. government (of Franklin Roosevelt, mind you) knew about Pearl Harbor, but lied about it? Or that the government gives drugs to black people, presumably to enslave and imprison them?

2 thoughts on “Obama and the race issue”

  1. Henry,
    The MSM is trying its hardest to make this issue go away (this was expected anyway), so the Democratic Party machine too (what else is new) which will ultimately pick Obama for the nomination.
    Unfortunate for Obama (and fortunately for America) this issue is one that is extremely difficult to sweep under the carpet and enough people will remember it in November when they go to cast their votes.
    Even thought there will be still a big number of idiots in this country that will still continue to buy Obama’s bullshit; at the end more and more will come to the realization that he’s not the right person to lead this country.
    Not only Obama has shown his true colors but, as his campaign towards the White House continues, more and more Americans will see how full of shit he is regardless of how much he tries to hide behind beautiful and articulate speeches full of lies.
    Bullshit can only carry you so far, eventually is exposed no matter what.
    Obama is nothing more than an articulate and slick bullshit artist that eventually will fall flat on his ass because of all the accumulated weight of the crap that he represents.
    I said on another post that this issue (and probably others that will surface later on in the campaign process) will sway enough independent, moderates and even Hillary Clinton votes over to the McCain side and the numbers will be enough to turn the election in his favor.

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