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So this morning, as I have my coffee, I read the latest on the Clintonistas: use electoral college delegate count to decide on Dem nomination.
Together with the weekend bashing of these same Clintonistas labeling Gov. Richardson as a traitor, this got me thinking, is there anything, anything at all this woman will not do to win this? And so, as her thirst for power becomes more and more obvious I can’t help but wonder, will people want her as the next president?
Since there is a 50% chance our next president will be one of the two Democratic candidates, if the next president of the USA were to be a Democrat, who would you prefer – Hill or Obama? Why? And for the record, “I’m not voting does” not count as a valid answer. This is not about votes, this is about “the lesser of two evils” if you will.
If the idea of preferring a Democratic candidate is hard to fathom, then flip it around, which of the two would you absolutely hate to see as next president and why?
Note: I don’t know about you but I’m having loads of fun watching the Dems tear each other apart.

13 thoughts on “Morning stumper”

  1. Can I take a pass on that question? 😉
    And yes, it has been fun watching the Dems not only tear each other apart but to try to justify the mess Obama is in.

  2. I have hated Hillary and the idea of her running this country for years. However, the more I learn about Obama and realize how unqualified and left-leaning he is, I’d have to say that if you forced me to make a choice between these two, I’d have to take Hillary. At least she’d be tough. I don’t like how when I hear him talk I don’t hear anything substantial. Yeah, he’s a great speaker but you can’t parlay that into a great president.
    At this point I don’t know who the Republicans can beat, though.

  3. I used to think “Anyone but Hillary.” Now, however, Obama scares me. At least with her, you have an idea what you’re gonna get. He reminds me of the “Manchurian Candidate.”

  4. As much as I hate the thought of either Obama or Hillary in the White House, I would have to go with Obama if the choice was between those two. The thought of having that s.o.b. Bill Clinton back in the White House [even if he would only be “first husband”] is more than I can bare. My hatred for Bill Clinton [not so much Hillary] is so great, especially after the Elian debacle and how he joked and laughed at the Gonzalez family, how he was in cahoots with the Castro regime and the horrible PR we suffered in part fomented by the Clinton White House that I would prefer absolutely anyone but that S.O.B. back in the White House.

  5. I know I will hate myself for saying this, but I would rather see Hillary than Obama. Mas vale malo por conocido que bueno por conocer. At least we know where she stands, Obama on the other hand, scares me. He is not being honest in his answers and changes his speeches depending on public opinion, one minute he says Rev. Wright is his spiritual guide and the next when the public opinion is in an uproar, he basically disowns him. I would have to go with the lesser of the two evils. As far as Bill, I’m sure that Hillary will keep him under her foot at all times. She won’t let him ruin her presidency.

  6. A few weeks ago I would have said Obama, but the more I learn about him the more concerned I get. I think a lot of democrats are gonna find voting for Nader a very good option. You got to admit this is a great situation for the Republican party, this battle is gonna drag itself out all the way to the Democratic Convention and I have a feeling this is gonna end with the super delagates pushing Hilary through. Which if that does happen it is huge boost for the Republican party.

  7. But Ventanita, you sound as if what Hillary’s doing is even remotely surprising. The woman is ambition incarnate. She acts it, sounds it, looks it and smells it. Getting the kind of power that comes with the White House, in her OWN hands and name, is the driving force of her life.
    Why do you think a woman like her has put up with compulsive, serial cheating from her sex-addict of a husband, especially after it became public knowledge? You think she’s going to bow out gracefully now? Not a chance. She won’t concede until and unless SHE is convinced the game is irremediably over.

  8. Asombra, even knowing all that, I am surprised at the blatancy and lengths she is willing to go; even jeopardizing her own party for years to come after this if she wins the nomination by superdelegates.

  9. Hillary Clinton doesn’t really care how she wins, as long as she wins. If her tactics were to cause problems for the Dems down the road, even serious problems, she figures that will be for others to contend with AFTER she’s out of office (sort of like the Louis XV mentality: “After me, the deluge,” which turned out to be accurate, but by then it was not HIS problem).
    She’s not in this for anyone but herself, and she’s geared her whole life to get it. Nobody in this race, from either party, wanted it or wants it as badly as she does. You may think she’s going too far, but she’d be going further if she weren’t dealing with a “charismatic” young black guy as her rival, which forces her to observe certain caution or restraint, for obvious reasons. Otherwise, it’d be even uglier.

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