Raul the reformer and the internet

While castro inc’s public relations arm attempts to convince the world that dictator jr. is a reformer who is graciously bestowing all these freedoms (like someday in the near future Cubans will be able to buy a toaster if they have enough dollars to do so), raul’s underlings are making sure that everything stays the same.
Both Yoani Sanchez of Generacion Y and Potro Salvaje (two Cuban bloggers on the island) are reporting that their blogs are being blocked on the island. If you are in Cuba and happen to be one of those lucky enough to have access to the Internet, you can no longer read their work.
The regime says the reason more Cubans don’t have internet access is because the American “blockade” (that’s what these dishonest pricks call the commercial embargo) doesn’t allow Cuba to obtain the infrastructure to perpetuate the net outside of tourist areas and exclusive government offices.
That’s a lie so preposterous that it’s a miracle that anyone would buy it but this latest attempt to censor those criticize the regime should prove it to even the most thick headed apologist.
Here’s Yoani’s take (translation mine):

I confess that I have been behaving badly. I rebel against orders, I look for lemons that do not appear, I demand an apology that never comes, and the great disobedience of mine, I post my views on a blog, with my photograph and name included. As you can see, with my thirty-two years age -so impertinent- I am in need of a correction.
So the anonymous censors of our thin cyberspace, have wanted to confine me in my room, turn off my lights and keep out my friends. That, translated to the language of the web, means block my site, filter my page, and in the end clamp down on my blog so my compatriots can’t read it. For a couple of days now Generacion Y appears as just an error on many Cuban computers screens. Yet another site blocked for the “monitored” web surfers on the island.

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  1. http://www.miamiherald.com/news/americas/story/468243.html
    Let me ruin everyone’s lunch wit the latest castro lies
    “HAVANA — (AP) — Ailing former leader Fidel Castro Monday made a rare mention of his government’s crackdown on political opponents five years ago, defending the action and exhorting the United States to treat its prisoners with the same humanity he said Cuba uses with its inmates.
    ”What an enormous difference between the methods of the United States and of Cuba!” Castro wrote in an essay published Monday in state media, apparently referring to how the U.S. government treats terror suspects.
    ”None of the mercenaries were tortured or deprived of attorney or trial,” Castro said of the 75 dissidents rounded up beginning on March 18, 2003. Cuba accused them of being mercenaries working with the United States to undermine the communist government, a charge the dissidents and U.S. officials denied.
    Twenty of the original 75 have seen been released, 16 on medical parole and four into forced exile in Spain.
    ”They have the right to visits, access to [conjugal visits] and all the other legal prerogatives of all inmates,” Castro wrote.”

  2. Henry –
    The bottom line of the whole internet situation in CUBA is that the regime cannot allow “inbound” information in the hands of the general population.
    AND in today’s world, they cannot afford to be totally DIS-CONNECTED. Raul’s problem is the calendar, it reads 2008, not 1958 or even 1998. Information control is no longer so easy, just ask our own “Mainstream Media” types. When the Regime goes it just might be “Pajamadores” (Guyabaristas?) that made it happen. -S-

  3. Why are we surprised? The fact that raulita named josé ramón machado as first vice-president speaks for itself.

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