Where’s Val-do?

I’m sure there’s some folks out there wondering why I havent been posting as much the passed few days. To make a long story short, I’ve been busting my behind around the house as The Mrs. and I decided to finally do some work to the interior of our home. We’ve already re-roofed and replaced all the exterior doors and windows, but had been remiss in doing anything inside save for painting. Thus, we are officially in “home improvement mode.”
The problem with home improvement is that it inevitably must lead to a undeniably true scientific anomaly that I refer to as The Ya Que Syndrome.
If you cant imagine what the Ya Que Syndrome is, let me ‘splain it to you:
Let’s say you want to redo your kitchen cabinets because your kitchen cabinets are holdovers from the seventees. So you buy a bunch of kitchen remodeling magazines, watch a bunch of kitchen remodeling tv shows, go to a bunch of kitchen remodeling stores, do a bunch of kitchen remodeling research on the net and finally – FINALLY! – decide that you want a certain, particular kitchen. This first remodeling decision is the catalyst, the enzyme that foments and powers the Ya Que Syndrome:
Wife: “You know, I really love the cabinets and counters we chose for the kitchen, theyre gonna look beautiful.”
You: “Yep. I think they’re awesome.”
Wife: “But…”
Those of you familiar with the Ya Que Syndrome know, absolutely, that that first “But…” is the beginning of the end of your home improvement sanity an dthe first tangible symptom of the Ya Que Syndrome.
You: “But what?”
Wife: “But…ya que we’re redoing the kitchen, we should redo the floors.”
So you do the floors and…
Ya que we’re redoing the floors and the kitchen, we should redo the ceiling and add some downlights…and ya que we’re adding the downlights and redoing the ceilings, we might as well redo the A/C…you know, since the ceiling are all opened up and stuff.”
The Ya Que Syndrome is, in essence, the Home Improvement Domino Effect.
So, to those curious as to where Ive been the past few days and where I’ll most likely be in the next few weeks: I can tell you in no uncertain terms that I am currently suffering from a severe case of the Ya Que Syndrome.
Behold the devastating effects of my malady:

the mess.JPG

Note: The “Ya Que Syndrome” is known as “The Since We’re Syndrome” in non-Cuban households.

17 thoughts on “Where’s Val-do?”

  1. Ah, I’ve fallen victim to that syndrome many a times on our Miami property. Currently we are buying a condo that is under construction and the “ya-que” syndrome also extends into upgrades…..
    May the force be with you!
    By the way, are you doing the work on your own, or do you “have people”? I ask b/c during the next year I have to do major renovations to the Miami property, mainly kitchen and bath, and I need good workers.

  2. Val –
    Looks like with “ya que” and other “yaquedeyaq” your beloved wife got the project done. -S-

  3. You have my sympathies.
    I went through this a few years ago. The house turned out beautifully, but the experience was most painful.

  4. Val:
    I hope you have not undertaken that mammoth project on your own- that looks like endless hours of work.

  5. Just look at it this way, Val, you’re becoming an expert at multi-tasking …….
    My best wishes to you- hope you finish fast.

  6. Val, “Ya Que”…you are redoing the cabinets, I’m sure Mrs. P will want new appliances, …y “Ya Que”…the kitchen is going to be so nice, the bathrooms might look a bit dated…. Just figured I would throw in a few “Ya Que”s of my own!!!! Good Luck! I’m sure everything will be beautiful once you finish. I am starting my home remodeling later on this year, so I’m just practicing.

  7. Ventanita,
    I have an excellent connection for the kitchen and bath counters that ill be writing about soon. I also have a great connection fro general construction and thetrades – electrical, mechanical, plumbing as well. Having been a project manager for an architectural firm all these years, you get to see the cream of the crop at work.
    If anyone out there needs contact info for an construction work, let me know. I have the best of the best.

  8. Val-ue,
    Perfect. I’ll need an electrecista too since I will be switching to a BOSCH tankless water heater and buying and installing new A/C.
    It wouldn’t hurt if you know some bueno, bonito y barato tormenteras (shutters) person.
    Ah, the Cuban network at its best.

  9. Val, know of any good shutter person? I would like to get an estimate and possibly get it done as soon as possible.

  10. Omigod, it doesn’t even look like your house! It’s going to be great, way to go Maggie! (sorry Val)

  11. Val, I know I know! Hers some shots of my partial project.

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