Gracias, zypldot.

The following comment at Henry’s “Self Promotion” post got me all misty eyed and lumpy throated:

I have to agree that Cuba has a mystical power over human beings. I don’t know what it feels like to have it in your genes, for I have none and have never set foot on the land. Maybe the trade winds that carried its seduction to the coast of Texas where I grew up, maybe it is the enchantment of the Cuban people that I have encountered (some genes may have rubbed off then, I don’t know), maybe it is simply the pictures I have been able to find, or, just maybe, it is all of those things combined.
Of one thing I am glad; that I do not have this gene. For as much as I ache for the Island and people, if it were any more in my blood, I think I might go crazy.
My prayers are with you, your family, Cuba, and the people.

I was asked last week during my interview for Telemundo (which, Im told, may air tonight) what it is that Babalu hoped to accomplish. Had it been possible, I would have pointed to that comment above and said “There. That’s it right there.”

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