Rather in Cuba Alert!

Not content with his accumulated body of work, Rather is said to be reporting on Cuba today on HDNET. Those of you that have it and have a couple of antacids handy might want to watch and let the rest of us know. He was supposedly granted “Extraordinary access.” Here’s an article about it.

3 thoughts on “Rather in Cuba Alert!”

    Watched Dave Rather’s Cuba piece on his HDNet program. He claims that refrigerators are being handed out for free now, and showed stocked stores without pointing out that the goods were only available to those with hard currency. He let the big-headed guy Alarcon spew a bunch of proganda without even trying to challenge the veracity of it.
    Rather is a big fan of ideas like Obama’s pledge to sit down with Raul Castro “as an equal, and show respect.” Rather also interviewed a young generation Cuban-American supporter of Obama who was in favor of lifting the embargo (without getting any concessions, of course). Rather showed that U.S. trade goods were only available for cash up front, while those of other trading countries were not, without pointing out how much Cuba is in debt to those countries.
    To Rather’s credit, he showed a real medical clinic for ordinary people (Michael Moore only showed facilities for tourists), where the clinicians made up for a lack of proper supplies and equipment by exhibiting “determination and hard work” to solve health problems.

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