Virtual Sit-In (UPDATED)

We reported yesterday that the Cuban bloggers on the island are being harrassed and their sites blocked within Cuba. As a result and in protest, Penultimos Dias is calling for a cyber sit-in today at noon.
We are proudly joining this act of civil cyber disobedience and calling out for your help.
Today, precisely at noon, click on this link for Granma and continue refreshing your page (or pressing F5) for the following half hour. We may not be able to down the Granma servers, but we may be able to slow down their service somewhat and send an important message to the cyber powers that be in Cuba:
Nemo me impune lacesset.
H/T Lori.
UPDATE: SUCCESS. Granma went down twice for brief seconds.
Nemo me impune lacesset: “No one will provoke me with impunity.”

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