If anyone recorded last night’s Telemundo piece, where out of the hour and a half interview I appeared only for about ten seconds, please let me know, Id love to post it. For those of you that didnt get a chance to see the piece, it dealt mainly with the recent restrictions on Cuban bloggers where they are being blocked in Cuba. I put the reporter in contact with Yoani Sanchez of Generacion Y and she did a great job of describing the conditions and cyvber repression in Cuba.
This article from the Guardian has more:

Cuba censors cyber critic with block on island’s popular blog
Cuba has blocked access to the country’s most popular blog, signalling an apparent government crackdown on a new generation of cyber critics. The blog, Generación Y, received 1.2m hits last month, but its writer, Yoani Sanchez, said Cubans could no longer visit her web page.
Attempts from the island to view and two other Cuban blogs which share the server in Germany prompt an error alert, though the site can be viewed outside Cuba.

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