Dems Split, McCain Wins

No, I’m not trying to be John Dorschner or Nostradamus, but a recent CNN poll indicates that the split in the Democrat Party could indeed favor John McCain come November.

New polls show many Democratic voters could swing their support to Sen. John McCain in the general election if their candidate isn’t nominated.
The most recent CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll, taken March 14-16, shows the percentage of Sen. Barack Obama supporters who said they’d be dissatisfied or upset if Sen. Hillary Clinton wins the nomination has gone up — from 26 percent in January, just after Clinton won the New Hampshire primary, to 41 percent now.
The poll suggests if Obama wins, a majority of Clinton supporters — 51 percent — would be dissatisfied or upset. The number was 35 percent in January.

A Gallup poll conducted earlier this month and illustrated in the above article painted a more specific and even rosier picture for McCain.

According to a Gallup Poll taken March 7-22, about one in five Obama supporters — or 19 percent — said they will vote for McCain if Clinton is the Democratic nominee.
If Obama’s the nominee, more than one in four Clinton supporters — or 28 percent — said they’d vote for McCain.

If those numbers are even close to being true in November, you can start practicing saying “President McCain”.
I don’t know how much this has to do with the Wright issue, although it has to be at least somewhat of a factor. “Somewhat” because I heard the results of yet another poll which indicated that Obama still has something like a 60 percent favorable rating, higher than either Clinton or McCain.
As Henry has noted many times before, it’s still early and lots can change. But so far, those who asserted that McCain is more “electable” are looking pretty good.

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  1. Obama Vs Mc Cain will be the showdown in Nov ..
    which candidate can help accelerate Cuba’s Freedom?
    We must work hard in asking each candidate personally what they are willing to do and NOT do in regards to Cuba

  2. The big NEWs behind the news
    Today, THE FEDERAL US GOV indicted Governor of Puerto Rico Anibal Acevedo Vila(DEM) on 19 counts of ilegal funding for his political campaigns dating back to 1999. If convicted the Governor faces uo to 20 years in prison.
    The interesting thing in all this is the Fact the Governor Vila is a DEMOCRATIC SUPER DELEGATE. Since the investigation is just beginning others closed to the Gov may face the same fate . So far 13 others have been charged but posted bail waiting to be tried.
    On June 1, Puerto Rico will have the Democratic primaries with 63 delegates ar stake. Ex president Bill Clinton is suposed to visit the island soon as well as MRS clinton and even Obama is thinking about campaigning here
    With the latest arrests , should the candidates continue with their plans to come here or not..
    The Democratic party is in shambles now . They do not look good at all

  3. Like I said on another post Obama has shown his true colors.
    As you can see this issue with the reverend is one that the MSM has done the most to sweep under the carpet after Obama’s bullshit speech but, the damage has already being done because ordinary people have already captured a good picture of whom Obama is and will remember it the day they go to vote.
    Another item that weights heavily in this matter is the fact that many Hillary supporters will now switch to John McCain in November in part because of the perception that he has a good relationship with her and the bad blood that has already developed between the Hillary and Obama camps.
    Plus independents and moderates will get more and more wary of Obama as they get a clearer picture of him and the policies that he proposes for the country.
    If you listen carefully and digest his proposals you’ll realize that most of what Obama proposes for this country and the rest of the world will make a hell of a mess for all of us in every possible way.
    If you thought that Jimmy Carter was a disaster of a President of the United States of America I got news for you; Obama will top it in ways that you cannot imagine.
    The good thing for America is that Obama’s bullshit will slowly but sorely catch-up with him little by little as the months go by prior to Election Day.
    I still think that this would be a very close election year in terms of popular vote percentages and the Electoral College, yet I could be wrong.
    Most likely this incident in particular will turn out to be the most important issue that will cost Barack Obama the election to the White House.

  4. which candidate can help accelerate Cuba’s Freedom?
    Unfortunately the answer to that question is neither. We can help from outside but the Cuban people on the island have to do their part.
    A more reasonable question is which candidate will maintain the international spotlight on castro inc’s abuses and which candidate will give castro inc everything they want on a silver platter?
    The answers are obvious, as much as I dislike McCain.

  5. Great post Robert!
    I’m wondering if Obama’s talk with Bloomberg has anything to do with the possibility of Bloomberg, now an Independent, becoming Obama’s VP in the Democratic ticket … “tremendo paripe” … just a “scary” thought on my part … I hope!
    I wish you well 🙂 Melek
    “Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it” ~ President Ronald Reagan

  6. I posted that theory here months ago. I added that the Clintons will try to steal the nomination with the super delegates and that will create a party schism that will allow a Republican victory.

  7. Se ha hablado mucho de Oprah as VP. after all what else does she need to prove in her daytime show..Shes got the name and money to do whatever she wants
    If she runs …wow …. the women vote and black vote and most likely spanish vote will go their way
    dont count obama out yet, the pastor incident, no le hara ningun daño a Obama , nobody is talking about it anymore, come nov nobody will remember that. a 1/5 of americans can locate the Us in a world map
    do you think they will remember the pastor in Nov?

  8. listen to the question carefully , she claims recent polls have shown
    what poll is she talking about , only God knows
    Can’t locate ( my mistake)

  9. I agree with Henry….The US and Cuba will lose no matter who wins….but with McCain our losees MAY not be a severe. During the primaries only about 1/3 of the Republicans voted for him and now we are stuck with him. So much for open primaries.

  10. Not to sound like I’m tooting my own horn, but a few months ago I said here do not underestimate the ability of the Democratic Party of imploding. It looks like that could be happening.
    Still with the war and a possible recession its going to be an uphill battle for any Republican.
    As far as the Wright controversy, IMO its really an insult and a waste of time. If this is the best anyone can do in attacking Obama its going to be a long Summer.
    A better tack I think to go after Obama is talk about his just being in the State House, and do some kind of TV commercial with a string of his platitudes while just showing an “empty suit.”
    As far as Cuba policy changing, I am afraid everyone else here that said it will not change is probably correct.

  11. People forget the Nader factor. Forget the ones threatening to vote for McCain, how many other dissatisfied Dems will vote Nader or Green—and by that same token for McCain?

  12. Speaking of Obama…Would your “church,” if you fellowship with one, put on it’s bulletin board hateful articles from the anti-semitic, terrorist group Hamas? Barack Obama’s CURRENT church, Trinity United Church of Christ, did just that.
    We just found out in the last 48 hours that Wright, while giving a eulogy in 2007, said that “(Jesus’) enemies had their opinion about Him… The Italians for the most part looked down their garlic noses at the Galileans.”
    Now comes a report by NBC News that while Wright was in charge at Obama’s CURRENT church, reprinted anti-Israel writings, including one column by none other than Hamas leader, Mousa Abu Marzook, appeared on the bulletin board there.
    The column by the Hamas leader, Mousa Abu Marzook, asked: “Why should any Palestinian recognise the monstrous crimes carried out by Israel’s founders and continued by its deformed modern apartheid state?”
    The question becomes one of judgment, character, integrity, honesty and intelligence.
    If I were to believe Obama’s defense that he didn’t, and still doesn’t, know what was, and still is, going on at his church for 20 years, then, in my opinion, he must not be very observant nor intelligent, and does not possess sensible judgement. Therefore he cannot be qualified to be the POTUS, in my opinion. If I do NOT believe Obama, then his integrity, character and honesty is woefully insufficient to be the POTUS, in my opinion.
    Obama went to Harvard Law School (they don’t let just anybody in), where he became the first African-American president of the prestigious Harvard Law Review. He graduated magna cum laude in 1991. Now do you think he is NOT aware of what his church and ex-pastor are all about? Be AFRAID! Be VERY AFRAID!
    Barack Obama’s political FRAUD against the American People continues…
    Read the rest of this article here…

  13. Barack Obama’s political FRAUD against the American People continues…
    You’re right on the money.
    We’ll see for how long Obama’s bullshit act lasts because is beginning to really stink big time if you ask me.
    To me is appalling to see the utter blindness and stupidity being displayed by Obama’s followers.
    I cannot comprehend how stupid the people in this country have become. Is makes no sense to me at all.

  14. The Democratic Party could well be in a lot of trouble at this point, as others have said. They have on their plate not only the Florida/Michigan/superdelegate controversies that reek of the very elitism they claim to be opposed to, but also a dead-heat race for the nomination between two candidates who are both members of two of their most celebrated victim groups.

    Each side is increasingly seething with resentment that it can’t say certain things because their opponent is also a member of a protected group you can’t say anything about. Hillary in particular will have difficulty containing herself, especially if Obama starts to pull ahead again, and the Florida/Michigan/superdelegate controversies are waiting in the wings to throw gas on any fire that breaks out between them in the form of some gaffe, real or imagined, one makes about the other’s group.

    In other words, they are about to discover that if you live by the race/gender card, you will die by it. (And all this on top of the growing split between the Michael Moore and Zell Miller wings of the Dem party.)

    They’ve got problems, BIG problems, even if they win in November.

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