Update: Rather in Cuba Alert!

At the good doctor’s suggestion:picture from latinamericanstudies.org.
Not content with his accumulated body of work, Rather is said to be reporting on Cuba today on HDNET. Those of you that have it and have a couple of antacids handy might want to watch and let the rest of us know. He was supposedly granted “Extraordinary access.” Here’s an article about it.
Update: The entire thing is up at Penultimos Dias. Maybe he went to a different country called Cuba.

8 thoughts on “Update: Rather in Cuba Alert!”

  1. One of the happiest days of my life was when Dan Rather -after 40 years as a journalist- was cast out of CBS in disgrace.

  2. I had the pleasure one day of seeing Dan Rather. I say pleasure because he was walking into a building as I was walking out. Instead of holding the door for him, I let it slam on his face. I gave him a dirty look and he looked at me and gave me a smile and a knowing look. I’m sure that he understood that many people hated him and I’m sure that I’m not the only one who did something like that to him.

  3. Seems Todo el Mundo Aqui is missing one very important point in this film. Agriculture didn’t collapse – BECAUSE THE FARMERS WERE ALLOWED TO KEEP AND SELL THEIR SURPLUS – Sounds suspiciously like Capitalism to me. -S-

  4. Let’s see… What does a farmer need? In addition to farm workers, animals, and seeds… Some of the following would definitely help:
    Pickup trucks, tractors, threshers, lawn mowers, fertilizers, pesticides, fencing and containment, pest and rodent control, agricultural supplies, animal cooling equipment, animal feeding equipment, animal watering equipment, barn curtain, barn exhaust fans, barn fans, barn insulation, barn lighting, barn ventilation, brooders, calf hutches, chemical injectors, composting buildings, dairy barns, exhaust fans, fencing, grain buildings, hay covers, hay tarps, hog equipment, hog pens, hog watering equipment, livestock barns, livestock buildings, livestock equipment, manure storage buildings, poultry coops, poultry drinkers, poultry equipment, poultry feeders, poultry watering equipment, thermostat controllers, tractor storage units, heating and cooling products, electrical and plumbing supplies, building materials, etc. etc. etc.
    The cost to the Cuban “farmer” would be way beyond what he could afford… Where do you think he could get a loan? And if by some miracle of God he was able to, what can he use for collateral? After all, the land already belongs to the Cuban government.
    Oh! I forgot… Cuban farmers don’t really need much to work the land. The Cuban government just announced that very soon they WILL BE ALLOWED to buy machetes.

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