That’s how Investor’s Business Daily describes Jean Ziegler’s election as an adviser to the U.N.’s Human Rights Council.

In one of his last acts as “right to food” watchdog, Ziegler earlier this month filed a report with the HRC on his visit to Cuba last October. In the report, he blamed not a half-century of Communist rule, but America’s “illegal blockade” of the island as Cuba’s main obstacle to feeding its people

Read more of Investor’s Business Daily’s critique of Ziegler and the U.N. here.

3 thoughts on “U.N.-Believable”

  1. Comments similar to this clown’s illustrate how difficult it is for the exile community, free Cubans and Cuban Americans…along with their supporters to get the truth out. They have been fighting for almost 50 years for liberty.
    So Mr. Ziegler and other enablers better get used to it because nothing will stop them.

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