Yesterday I had lunch at El Intrasijente restaurant and while conversing with its owner Juan Amador Rodriguez, the topic turned to the so-called “reforms” that the dictatorial oligarchy in Cuba is receiving accolades for from the mainstream media. Juan made an interesting point that freedom cannot be legislated or granted by a government; freedom is an inalienable right. A government cannot grant its subjects the freedom to speak, to assemble, to worship, or any other basic human right—those rights have always existed. No one can give you something that already belongs to you. This simple, yet very important fact is largely ignored by the media, which is too busy fawning over the new king’s edicts.
But not all have allowed themselves to become pawns in the regime’s self promoting game of “which inalienable right will we bequeath today.” Investors Business Daily has an excellent editorial that addresses the fact that the only reform that can help Cuba and its citizens is restoring freedom.

Economic freedom — including the right to earn what one is worth, charge what the market will bear and innovate and invest as one’s individuality allows — is the real issue that needs to be reformed in Cuba. Raul has made no moves in this direction because he may get too close to giving Cubans real power against his rule.
…Raul Castro is only offering these goodies by executive fiat — a dictatorial act in itself — and Cubans themselves know he can reverse it.

I strongly recommend this editorial, which is one of the few that addresses reality. You can read it HERE.

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  1. That IS an excellent editorial! Now why is it that the mainstream media can’t see those points that should be obvious to any journalist worth his salt, nay, to anybody with brain cells? Why does the MSM limit itself to repeating Raulita’s press releases? [rhetorical question dripping in sarcasm]

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