On Cuba’s disgraceful record on free press

”Que haya periodistas encarcelados, como prisioneros de conciencia, y que muchos países y organismos intergubernamentales no denuncien esta anomalía, es una vergüenza para nuestro hemisferio.’
“That there are journalists in jail, as prisoners of conscience, and that many countries and global organizations do not denounce this anomaly, is a disgrace to our hemisphere.”

– Gonzalo Marroquin, President of the Inter American Press Associaiton (IAPA) Committee on Freedom of the Press and Information, at the IAPA Mid-Year Meeting in Caracas this week
Other presidents denounced at this meeting for their attacks on free press include:

  • Nicanor Duarte (Paraguay)
  • Tabaré Vasquez (Uruguay)
  • Manuel Zelaya (Honduras)
  • Rafael Correa (Ecuador)
  • Daniel Ortega (Nicaragua)
  • Evo Morales (Bolivia)
  • Hugo Chávez (Venezuela)

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