Promoting the Cuban Reality via Google Earth

Ever since Google Earth came out a few years back, web surfers all over the world have taken to peering into the terrain of nations holding a special attraction for curious minds. When news of Iran’s continued activity at the Natan Nuclear Enrichment Plant surfaced recently, I myself spent more than a few hours searching the barren terrain of the area in search of the elusive plant. I found it. In fact, it was really no big deal. Using a couple of small maps posted in the New York Times, I was able to peer into Iran’s super-secret nuclear program. It may be no big deal but, I found it fascinating anyhow.
That gets me to the subject of an email Val, Henry and I received from Professor Carlos Eire today.

Did you know that Google Earth has a new feature that allows you to insert You-Tube videos on any of their maps/satellite images? This includes Cuba.

Perhaps what’s in order here is an avalanche of postings on Google Earth’s Cuba satellite imagery. Want to peer into the centuries-old walls of Havana’s infamous La Cabana fortress? Go right ahead, you can even bring up images of murder recorded by the Castro regime during its years spent sending so many innocent souls to their deaths there – many without trial I might add. Cruising the Malecon from the air? We’ve got you covered – perhaps adding video coverage of the Maleconazo would be in order. How about the waters directly off the island . . . what’s that little annotation I see floating just off the shoreline? Why, a documentary on YouTube concerning the regime’s 13 de Marzo tugboat murders.
Catch my drift? If all of us – from writers to contributors – make an effort, we can flood the island with truth and allow Google Earth surfers to catch an honest glimpse of the real Cuba.

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  1. That sounds like a great idea. If I were to have gone to Cuba I definetely do that. Only thing is you don’t want to put too much political emphasis on it. People would get scared away, and probably think it’s propaganda video. When the video is inputed on Google Earth put a link to Babalu for people to go to.

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