8 thoughts on “Mala Leche”

  1. Moneda Dura. They are from Cuba. This song is not allowed to be played on the radio in Cuba.

  2. This band is great. They have some great songs critizicing the regime and life in Cuba. Besides Mala Lache you should go to you tube and check out the video for the song “Callejero” it is a great song against the European tourists that go to Cuba. Another one of their songs that I love is called “Yemaya te proteja” which is about a guy dealing with his girl leaving on a “balsa” to Miami. Their album “Alma sin bolsillos” is a masterpiece in my opinion.
    I was able to buy two of their album on a website called Prodland.US

  3. You’ll notice that itunes doesn’t have this song or album. What usually happens is that these artists are put on Spanish or other foreign labels (or foreign subsidiaries of American labels). I suppose it’s technically against the law, but so is file sharing and pirating cable TV, etc.

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