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Frank Calzon defends the Center for a Feee Cuba and raises a salient question: How much is being spent in Washington to change U.S. policy on Cuba, to lift trade sanctions unilaterally and with no agreement to hold elections, release political prisoners or even acknowledge human rights? Who finances the proCastro, anti-embargo lobby?
Newsweek makes dictator Jr. look nice and McCain look naughty. H/T to JagBytes
Yoani Sanchez is known around the world, even in Utah.
The Herald continues it’s love/hate relationship with the exile community by hitting all the right notes in this editorial.

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  1. I don’t know Frank Calzon. I know that what Frank Calzon says makes a lot of sense. I know that there’s a lot of people who want Frank Calzon and the center for a free Cuba to fail.
    I don’t know enough about the finances of the center to know whether the irregularities that have been reported are systemic or simply the result of one employee who is no longer there.
    Does that answer your question?

  2. You may want to add this to the ajiaco. Just for kicks…
    BTW, I worked with Frank Calzon years ago at Freedom House in NYC–I was in college and he was a program officer–he was very smart and took a very ecuemenical position when it came to Cuba. He didn’t seem to argue for a Cuban exceptionalism when it came to the dictatorship but to put the Castros within the broader context of a global fight between freedom and tyrrany. That was a long time ago but I thought I would share.

  3. Es penoso que Frank Calzon no tenga el aplomo , la seriedad y el honor de quedarse sentado a debatir en un programa televisivo
    con Maria Elvira LIVE
    Especialmente cuando esta siendo preguntado precisamente acerca de esas irregularidades que tu desconoces y de las cuales el no quiere NUNCA hablar
    por eso sale corriendo con el rabo entre las patas
    what a character

  4. You’ve got your facts wrong. They were talking about a GAO report on free Cuba funds not the current investigation about Felipe Sixto. Secondly, I can sympathize with Calzon walking off the stage. Joedilocks has that effect on people. I know first hand. I had to mute his microphone because he doesn’t let the other person talk or make a point. It’s an odious debating style that results in a non-debate, which suits him because he sucks at debating.

  5. You’ve got your facts wrong. They were talking about a GAO report on free Cuba funds not the current investigation about Felipe Sixto.
    Tocayo of course the walk off was motnhs ago, the Sixto affair is brand new.. The events are no related. I know that
    Como quiera que sea es mi opinion personal que toda esta gente como Frank y los de Marti Radio y TV ( Roig) que LLEVAN TANTO TIEMPO EN LO MISMO es hora ya que pasen al retiro . A descansar Henry a Descansar, Y que pasen la antorcha a gente mas joven como tu y como yo

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