A dangerous family

Dear Granma:
My name is Marc Masferrer, and I would like a job as a reporter.
Here is a sample of my work. I hope it reflects the revolutionary fervor and worldview you try to bring to your readers each day. I also attached a photo, which I downloaded while using a computer at the Hotel Nacional. (Wow, that is a nice place. You pay in hard currency, right?)
Just tell me what to write, and I am there. No questions asked.
You might have read on the Internet some of my previous writings. (You have Internet access, right?)
Please ignore all of that.
Comrade Marc Masferrer

Medina, Martín and family

Couple theatens revolution
By Marc “El Pussycat” Masferrer
Granma staff writer
Ricardo Santiago Medina Salabarría and his wife Katia Sonia Martín Véliz pose a grave danger to Cuba, deserving of the government’s most creative and intrusive methods of vigilance.
Their crime?
They open their home each week to men and women who gather to recite the rosary on behalf of so-called “political prisoners.”
What else could you expect from a couple of troublemaking mercenary journalists, one of whom is an Orthodox priest?
But don’t worry, the police, specificially, two officers named “Carlos” and “Vladimir,” is on the case, delivering the appropriate warnings to Medina and Martín about their anti-revolutionary behavior.
On Tuesday, “Carlos” went to the couple’s home to advise Medina that if he wanted to return to the Cuban prison system, where he previously was a guest for 15 months, all he had to do was to keep on with his false reporting and keep on with his praying.
To show how vigilant they are with their duties, the police came back the next morning and warned Martín that they would have to remove her daughters from their home if they persisted in using their home as a gathering spot for ungrateful anti-revolutionaries. Did the woman not know the danger in which she was putting the children by showing them how to pray and resist the revolution?
Apparantly, she didn’t get the seriousness of the message because that same night, Martín and Medina again opened their home to other scofflaws who joined together to say the rosary, sing the Cuban national anthem and chant anti-revolutionary slogans. Martín even had the gall to write about it, and promise the couple would keep doing what they have been doing.
There was no word from the authorities about what they might do next to silence this dangerous family.
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  1. Maybe Granma should do a lil undercover work on their own regime! You’ll find alotta juicy stuff.

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