Elephant Rock at Sunset

elephant rock2.jpg
My fellow infidels, here’s a photo from one of the best well kept secret places in the Southwest — Valley of Fire State Park just outside Las Vegas, Nevada.
Most folks head out to Vegas and never leave the casinos or shows. Well, there’s some amazing sights outside Vegas besides Hoover Dam. It’s this park.
Known for among other things, as the movie sight where Captain Kirk dies in Star Trek Generations, it is also an amazing place in the desert where red rock rules and amazing formations and arches will captivate you with awe. Yes folks, all these formations were created by nature.
Have a great weekend folks.

7 thoughts on “Elephant Rock at Sunset”

  1. The good ol West! I’m glad to see these pictures. There’s so much landscape to be seen out here. Take one of the White Sands!

  2. Mike,
    You’re right people do not venture much ouside of the casinos in Las Vegas.
    Three years ago I had a business trip to Las Vegas and on an early Sunday morning I called the front desk of my hotel and asked the clerk for directions to the nearest Catholic Church.
    Silence at the other end. The desk clerk said she would call me back. She never did.
    I went down to the lobby and asked the clerk if she knew where the local Catholic Church was. She sighed, “oh you were the one.” She went to an old metal 3 by 5 inch index card box and pulled out a yellowed card and literally blew dust off of the card. She struggled with the directions until she finally gave up and said: “You know the Strip, well make a right at the Stardust, you can’t miss it.”
    Yes there it was and right outside of the church parking lot was a 24/7 convenience store with a huge banner sign as long as the church parking lot which read: “Discount Beer”.
    I can understand where such beauty as you photographed would be missed….not that there is anything wrong with the town’s other wild life.

  3. Peter, can’t photograph Cuba until it’s a free country.
    Dude, I’m dying to do a photo trip to Oriente and photograph the mountains there and the avian species.
    A different animal indeed from SW US … but in time I’ll be there backpacking.

  4. Mike pncier send me an email address and I’ll send you all the pics of Oriente I have taken

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