Interesting Op Ed From Charleston Post

Again, I’m amazed at another unapologetic article from the MSM. Here’s an excerpt:

Today, there is little left to recall those glory days. The Tropicana is still quietly operating, far from the city, and Papa Hemingway’s Floridita still looks much as it did when he entertained Spencer Tracy and Ava Gardner, plying them with daiquiris in the bar that allegedly invented them.
But those are places most Cubans do not see. They live in a world where the dominant — the only — images are billboards touting the successes of the revolution, repeating the quotations of national heroes like Jose Marti and Che Guevara.
Che is everywhere — on the scoreboard at sports stadiums, on T-shirts in the gift shops, on the side of government buildings.
In some ways, the island has become a cult of personality, its stars Guevara, Castro and Hemingway. Most hotels and restaurants that hang photos of Hemingway choose the one in which he is talking to a young Castro, from the early days of the revolution. Before the U.S. embargo, before Hemingway fled the country.

Read the entire article here.