A Sign of Things to Come?

Score one. A Miami jury has awarded the family of Rafael del Pino $253 million for his wrongful 18 year imprisonment and death in Cuba. Seems del Pino was an American citizen. The victory is a largely symbolic one, since frozen Cuban funds are disappearing. The verdict dwarfs the 188 million dollar award to the families of the Brothers to the Rescue pilots. As far as I can remember, this is the first case of a private, Cuban American individual. Can you imagine if they are called to account in courtrooms? What price tag can be attached to the millions of lives upended, and the thousands ended? Or even better, remember the case in Spain where fidel was to be tried for war crimes, but which case was thrown out because he was a head of state? Mmmm.
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  1. Ana Margarita Martinez, who was born in Cuba, sued Castro for rape after his mole, Juan Pablo Roque, a double agent, married her and then returned to Cuba without a word. She was awarded millions but has only seen thousands. So she seized his planes that were in the U.S. She suffered both mental and physical illnesses for years, lost her job and her home. The monetray award was largely symbolic, since none of the families have seen millions because the US isn’t releasing it very quickly. This family is unlikely to see much, either, but no matter, it won’t bring back Rafael.

  2. You’re right. I had forgotten. I remember seeing a photo of one of the planes. There are probably others. And nothing is going to bring back Rafael. But at least it is a public acknowledgement through the judicial system.

  3. Subject: Selective reporting and slipshod journalism
    From: Dr. Antonio de la Cova
    Date: April 6, 2008, 4:09 PM
    To: Alfonso Chardy
    Dear Mr. Chardy:
    You recent article on Rafael del Pino Siero contains your trademark selective reporting and factual errors.
    Del Pino did not move “to Miami during World War II when he became a citizen and joined the U.S. armed forces. He later returned to Cuba to study law and ended up a classmate of Castro’s at the University of Havana,” as you wrote.
    An FBI document posted on the Internet indicates that Rafael del Pino Siero became a naturalized U.S. citizen in Los Angeles, California, on June 9, 1950. He later moved to Miami in the 1950s, where he was “a driver for the Diamond Cab Company.”
    According to a 1990 interview with Enrique Ovares, president of the Cuban University Student Federation (FEU) during 1947-1950, who was with del Pino and Fidel Castro during the Bogotazo in Colombia in 1948, del Pino was never a registered university student. Ovares described del Pino as “a bodyguard” of Fidel Castro.
    The fact that del Pino was not a university student is also confirmed by a U.S. State Department document dated April 22, 1948, posted on the Internet, describing del Pino during 1946-1948 as “a professional machinist.” Del Pino’s residence in the U.S. in the 1940s was in New York City and not in Miami, as you indicate.
    According to a 1990 interview with Vidal Morales Rodríguez, a U.S. Army World War II veteran and president of the Cuban W.W. II Veterans Association, Rafael del Pino served only nine months in the U.S. Army and received a less than honorable discharge.
    In reference to your selective reporting, your article mentions that the lawsuit filed alleges that del Pino “was set up by a Castro ‘agent and spy.'” The court document posted by the Miami Herald identifies the spy as Fernando Fuentes (aka Fernando Fuentes Coba), but you omitted his name from the article.
    I have previously pointed out to you the numerous times that by error or design you always leave out mention or background information of Castro agents in Miami.
    Accusations that Fernando Fuentes was “an operative of the Cuban intelligence agency (DGI) and of being the ‘intellectual assassin'” of Rafael del Pino first appeared in the Miami Herald on February 3, 1981, page 4-B. The article specified that “Del Pino’s widow, who charged that her husband had been kidnapped by Fuentes in 1959 and delivered into the hands of Cuban authorities.”
    The Miami Herald reported on December 15, 1982, that Fuentes, president of American Airways Charter (AAC), was convicted in federal court and sentenced to one year in prison and fined $10,000 for “conspiring to trade with the enemy” because he flew illegal cargo to Cuba.
    The Miami Herald also reported that his final appeal was rejected in February 1985.
    Fuentes died in Havana in 1986 and was interred with Government honors in the Pantheon of Revolutionary Emigrants in Colon Cemetery.
    The Miami Herald reported on March 6, 1996, that Vivian “Mannerud began ABC in 1982, following in the footsteps of her father, Fernando Fuentes-Coba, who operated a Miami-Havana charter airline called American Airways Charters from 1978 to 1982.”
    On November 6, 2000, the Herald again reported that Vivian Mannerud’s “father, Fernando Fuentes-Coba, ran an earlier charter business, was convicted of trading with the enemy in 1982 and fled the United States, presumably to Havana, rather than serve a year in jail.”
    You have interviewed and quoted Vivian Mannerud in the Miami Herald more than a dozen times since 1993.
    It is obvious that you are aware of her business dealings with Cuba and those of her father. Yet, you omit identifying him as the Cuban agent and spy who betrayed Rafael del Pino Siero.
    Your continued selective reporting and slipshod journalism has plummeted your credibility in the Cuban exile community as low as the McClatchy stock during the last year.
    Dr. Antonio de la Cova

  4. rsnlk:
    Those in Cuba -that are guilty of crimes against humanity- have been formulating a plan on how to evade being tried in a court of law in a free Cuba. Case in point: the castro espin family members. The whole family has become French citizens.
    According to ex-spy and Cuban Intelligence Major Roberto Hernandez del Llano, raul castro -and all the castro espin family members- hold French citizenship. The former un-official Cuban first lady Vilma Espin Guillois was a French descendant. Rumor has it in her family tree was Paul Lafargue, who was the founder of the French Socialist Party. Paul Lafargue, by the way, was born in Santiago de Cuba on June 16, 1842. He was also the son-in-law of none other than Karl Marx.
    According to Major Hernandez del Llano, because of the “French connection” Madame Mitterrand has gone above and beyond the call of duty to make sure the castro espin family is kept SAFE. According to ex-Major Hernandez del Llano, Madame Mitterrand has been very instrumental in making it possible for the castro espin family to obtain the French citizenship and also very instrumental in helping them hide their “stolen” money.
    The main reason for changing their Cuban citizenship claims the ex-major is to avoid any future criminal court prosecution in Cuba. If they are French nationals they would have to be “tried” in a very leftist, lenient French court.
    This seems to be endemic among the castro family, as well as among many of the generals and their family members. I guess the only ones holding Cuban citizenship are the slaves.
    raul’s daughter, mariela castro (who’s married to an Italian) travels with three different passports: Italian, French, and Spanish.
    So, I ask myself, why is Cuba being run by French nationals?

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