8 thoughts on “Congrats to Michael Ramirez”

  1. Michael Ramirez deserves the Pulitzer. His cartoons are hilarious. I remember when he was working at the L.A. Times I would get the paper to see his cartoons. Very funny!

  2. So IBD is not worth the paper they are printed on, but they have a great cartoonist?
    If I got that right, I’m surprised IBD hired him. good for him, he has a wider audience.

  3. If your referring to my use of the term “fishwrap” I was just using it as a generic term for newspaper.

  4. Day old newspaper is good for only one thing. Two, if you count cleaning windows. It really works. No streaks.

  5. Henry –
    When the Band Burns – it’s over – TURN OUT THE LIGHTS… – Paraphrase – The DOORS – 1966/7

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