I hate to say we told you so…

but we told you so.

Chavez steel takeover shows socialist ideology king

CARACAS, April 9 (Reuters) – For socialist Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, ideology is king.
His decision on Wednesday to nationalize the OPEC nation’s largest steelmaker shows even friends are not exempt from his crusade to control the economy because it targets a top company from Argentina despite the leftist ally’s pleas.

It appears the monkey who would be king is on quite a nationalizing roll these past few days. But I can’t say I am not surprised; like his mentor, castro, and all despots for that matter, they will steal whatever is not given to them.
I certainly feel remorse for our Venezuelan brothers and sisters. I can only hope they act soon because before they know it, five decades will pass and they will still be wondering just how long can one despotic, murderous, unlawful, oppressive regime last.
Take it from us; a long, long, time.

5 thoughts on “I hate to say we told you so…”

  1. Did you really mean you feel remorse for Venezuelans? Why would you? You’re not in any way responsible for the fact that they screwed up royally despite Chavez being such an obviously high risk and and the fact Cuban exiles warned them vociferously that exactly what has happened would happen. You may feel pity, or even sympathy, but leave the remorse to them.

  2. Alberto,
    Hugo Chavez might get to control all major industries in Venezuela, but I can guarantee you that he’ll soon bankrupt the country at this pace.
    Just like Fifo, everything that Hugito touches turns into shit.
    The ugly part of it is that even with all those huge revenues that Hugito receives from oil exports, he’s bankrupting Venezuela at a faster pace that Fifo bankrupted Cuba.
    The worst part for Hugito is that he cannot blame the American embargo for his mess.
    I feel sorry for the Venezuelan people if they don’t wake-up and find a way to get rid of this monkey clown soon.

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