Cuban Reunification Program Put In Place by Washington

In response, perhaps, to the fact that under Raul Castro, the number of Cubans leaving the island illegally has increased 21% from the previous year, Washington has put into place a Cuban Reunification Program where it will grant 40,000 visas in addition to the 20,000 that are allotted (notice I did not say “granted) each year to Cubans to come to the United States. In the past fiscal year, 9,390 visas were granted and 15,000 travel documents were issued.
In an effort to reduce the flow of balseros and smuggling, the amount of time that Cubans will have to wait to claim their family members is reduced from 7 years to 10 weeks and the Cuba government has approved the U.S. Interest section to hire more consular staff. Twelve thousand applicants have been notified that their relatives are eligible and the benefits are for parents, siblings and grandparents still on the island., according to the AP article in Spanish. Sean Murphy, Consul General, admitted that they were a “little behind” but they hoped to reach their goal and that applicants who were sympathizers to the Cuban government would not be eligible. “If we don’t reach our goal, more people are going to die.”

“The numbers continue to rise. That’s the response of the Cuban people,” U.S. Interests Section chief Michael Parmly told foreign reporters. “So many of them are young people. Why do they want to leave?”

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2 thoughts on “Cuban Reunification Program Put In Place by Washington”

  1. Here we go again! The bandaid syndrome. Cuba’s problem can only be correct with major surgery. At this rate there’ll be no one capable enough left in Cuba to help with its reconstruction.
    As it is Cuban professionals -and its youths- are leaving in troves.

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