“D” Words

Why is it that Democrats prefer dealing with Dictators than allies?

Cuba Si, Colombia, No?
For years now, farm-state delegations led by members of Congress of both political parties have traveled to Havana, agitating for the end to the U.S. embargo so their states could sell ag products to the Cubans.
Today in the House many of those same advocates will vote to block expanded U.S. trade with Colombia, stopping consideration of a trade agreement that would lower Colombia’s barriers to U.S. exports.
What a strange and discouraging symbol: Supporting more trade with a Communist dictatorship and enemy of the United States versus opposing more trade with a democratic ally.

This gets to the point rather perfectly as well.

1 thought on ““D” Words”

  1. Val,
    Ironic and sad, but true:
    For the last forty years of history the actions of the Democratic Party has brought as much harm to this country as the work of our enemies.

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