Heil Evo!

Look at what the influence of Iran, Cuba, and Chavez have had on Bolivia infidels. They are now putting Stars of David on the ID cards like the Nazis did prior to the Final Solution.
And they say the company you keep doesn’t say anything about you? (well the Dems say that)
Read it here.

3 thoughts on “Heil Evo!”

  1. My, that is scary! I agree with Mr. Acha, and that the reason behind that new mark is exactly what he stated.

  2. Didn’t seem like a big deal in Europe during WWII no doubt until the persecution began to be taken up notch after notch. Beware what is going on in Bolivia.

  3. “Tiny six-pointed stars within a tight circle are printed on the back side of some, but not all, recently issued picture IDs in the Santa Cruz region.”
    The Santa Cruz region is the richest department of Bolivia and also the most opposed to the government of Evo Morales. The region is leading a movement -against the central government- to become autonomous.
    The “Star of David” must be the way government forces can now identify those from the region as anti-Morales.

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