More Nationalizations by Hugo Chavez

Venezuelan leader Hugo Chávez has ordered the nationalization of the local unit of steelmaker Ternium SA, the second state takeover of a foreign-controlled industry in as many weeks.
This will be interesting as this company is controlled by the Argentines. He’s already pissed of the Mexican government by nationalizing the cement industry including Cemex.
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5 thoughts on “More Nationalizations by Hugo Chavez”

  1. Yeah, all these foreign companies get PO’d at chavez’ shenanigans, but NONE of them have the male hormone to stand up to him.
    See how they roll……

  2. Well, I expect La Presidenta will just go out and get herself some new outfits to console herself–excruciatingly coordinated, of course, and only designer stuff. Just look at the pictures of her in the media. If this woman is not a wannabe model, or a would-be high-fashion queen, I don’t know who is. Inspires MY confidence, for sure.

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