Is This America?

Word had leaked out that prominent reggaeton artist Elvis Manuel had fled Cuba with whereabouts unknown. Elvis is still missing at sea, but his mother and two other music artists have been sent back to Cuba along with others “captured” with them. Is this the same country where so many bleeding heart tears were shed over Elian being separated from the father who had agreed to his remaining in the United States before the bearded one’s involvement? The country where the primacy of parentage was important enough to enforce at the barrel of a gun. Now, it cannot even demonstrate the decency of allowing this poor mother to find out if her son is alive or dead, before they ship her back. Oh, maybe that’s it, it would be more difficult to repatriate a grieving mother. The fate of the other two is pretty much decided back in Cuba. Shameful.
Miami Herald report here.

2 thoughts on “Is This America?”

  1. Yes,is the same America,that follows the laws of the land,and,although this particular is an “agreement” with a rogue country,it’s still an agreement,approved by the congress and signed by a US president…
    i dont agree with it,but i don’t blame America for this,i blame de castro regime that is the one that has created the whole disaster in the first place…..

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