The devil is in the details

Cell phones, DVD players, toasters, computers, hotel stays, property reform, Farming equipment; the list of so-called reforms decreed by the Cuban regime’s munificent new king, prince raul, continues to grow on what seems like a daily basis. These “changes” are being heralded as historical shifts in policy by the dictatorial monarchy that has raped and plundered the nation of Cuba for nearly half a century. It is good, we are told, that prince raul has so far proven himself to be a benevolent monarch willing to make “changes.
So in all the excitement and all the emotions swirling around most news services as each of these new royal decrees are proclaimed by the crown prince, the details somehow get lost in the exhilaration. And it is in those details where the devil (literally and figuratively in this case) resides.
Regardless of cell phones, DVD players, toasters, computers, nights in a Cuban hotel, multiple generations living in the same crumbling apartment, and pitchforks and machetes, the most important detail is that Cuba remains what it has been for the last 49 years: A repressive island prison.

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