What Would Jesus Do about Cuba if He were here today walking among us? Would He be visiting Cubans like Oscar Elias Biscet who is languishing in one of the regime’s Gulags for speaking publicly about his faith in Him? Or would Jesus be attending meetings with the vile dictatorship trying to find a way to maintain the oppressive regime in order to stop the construction of high-rise buildings that would go up on the shorelines of Cuba?
According to Pastor Anne Barber in an editorial that appears in the Bradenton Herald, Jesus would be more concerned with urban blight than the welfare of innocent members of His flock who are paying the ultimate price for their faith.

There is an old-world charm about Cuba that would be utterly destroyed by the invasion of American big business, which would quickly obliterate the pristine shoreline with high rises – for starters. Nor do Cubans on the island look forward to the anticipated flood of pre-revolution-era homeowners rushing back to reclaim land and homes that have long ago been divided and redistributed to those who remained. The people who now live on that land dread the day when wealthy Cuban Americans will return, waving desperately needed money, enticing many to relinquish their tiny homes and land for next to nothing.

It seems to Pastor Barber that Jesus Christ, the Son of Man, the Lamb of God, would find it more important not to violate the sovereignty of an illegal, repressive, and murderous regime that has caused the deaths of over 100,000 innocent human beings. Instead, her editorial implies that helping Cuba free themselves of this diabolical tyranny would be far down His list.
Cubans, Pastor Barber tells us, just want to be left alone. They are satisfied with their repressive monarchical dictatorship:

These are a peaceful people, living in a peaceful nation. They are also a happy people, with ready smiles and home-grown humor that defies translation. Yes, they are poor and the country as a whole impoverished. But they’re proud people with an air of quiet dignity. They love their country. They are proud of their country. It is their sovereign nation. They don’t want any foreign nation imposing its standards of government upon them, however progressive that may seem to us.

I cannot speak for Pastor Barber’s version of Jesus, but the Jesus I know, the one I have read about, the one I pray to, would not stand by and try to appease a diabolical regime.
You can read the rest of this disturbing and condescending editorial HERE.

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  1. She probably wrote the editorial from an air-conditioned beachfront condo on Anna-Maria Island, just before going out for a nice seafood dinner with some parishoners from her church.
    “They are also a happy people, with ready smiles and home-grown humor that defies translation. Yes, they are poor and the country as a whole impoverished. But they’re proud people with an air of quiet dignity.”
    #1 on my list of things stupid Americans think about Cuba. Hypocrite.

  2. Whew! That has got to be one of the MOST condescending opinion pieces around! She diminishes Cuba and Cubans so much, I don’t know where to begin? This is a minor point, but it bothered me, so I’ll start here:
    “The primary reason is to worship with my Cuban Christian brothers and sisters in their tiny churches”
    “Tiny churches??” Ahhhh….
    Since when does Cuba have tiny churches? Those large, centuries-old colonial churches built by the Spaniards are hardly tiny. You want to see tiny? Go to New England, the Midwest and down south and see those tiny, quaint wooden churches that dot the American landscape. Those colonial, massively built, stone Cuban churches are hardly tiny. But see, she wants to create an image of these poor little, helpless natives living in a Caribbean country not unlike Jamaica or Haiti. She, also, recycles the stereotype of the wealthy Cuban exile going down there to take back their “tiny” houses. Hmmmm… Those wealthy Cubans used to own “tiny” homes? I would have thought that if they were wealthy they would have owned mansions in el Vedado.
    The entire premise of the article is racist to the core. The woman is so clueless that she can’t see beyond the “hacer corazon de tripa” [make a heart out of an intestine] mentality of the Cuban people. That is to say that even in a dire situation, Cubans will try make a joke and smile. To her, Cubans are happy and don’t want change, because despite her many trips to Cuba she does not understand Cubans, just like the racists of yesteryear did not understand that the singing negroe slaves picking cotton were not happy. But alas, to her we are nothing more for her than third-world people without any aspirations.
    Finally, what’s this about sovereignty? Is she such an idiot that she doesn’t understand that the Castro brothers do not have the Cuban people’s mandate, since they were never vote into power? How then can their tyranny translate into sovereignty for the Cuban people?

  3. I don’t know what Jesus would do about Cuba, but I know what He would do after reading that article- weep. That one of God’s children could be so stupid would make him cry.

  4. Thanks Alberto,
    This post is a reminder of how Cuba and Cubans are viewed through the eyes of romatic idealists and those whose ignorance is either by choice, lack of historic knowledge or simply by prejudice.
    Pastor Barber’s description of Cuba and Cubans could be that of any other 3rd world country and its citizens. Accurate pre-castro Cuban history is not a premise in their faulty assumptions and opinions. I’m baffled by the constant reference that ALL Cubans who left Cuba in the early years of the revolution were wealthy … this is one of the biggest fallacies successfully promulgated by the castro regime. Again, another myth, which tends to go unchallenged, even when facts and statistics would easily refute it! There was a thriving Middle-Class of Cubans in Cuba, before 1959 … and many of those who fled Castro’s communism were hard-working middle class citizens!
    Pastor Barber’s portrait of Cuba and Cubans under almost 50 years of a totalitarian, oppressive regime, is far from realistic. Instead, I believe that it exudes with the typical “strokes” of the limousine liberals, who arbitrarily decide to become the “voice” of people, and causes to justify their “raison d’etre”!
    Her ignorance as a pastor is blatant! Pastor Barber, Pride and Dignity are independent of someone’s financial or social status!
    I wish you well 🙂 Melek
    “I sit on a man’s back, choking him and making him carry me, and yet assure myself and others that I am very sorry for him and wish to ease his lot by all possible means — except by getting off his back.” ~Tolstoy

  5. LOL, Claudia! Friggin hilarious!
    I went to the Bradenton page to post a comment, but like Ray said, where do you begin? And in the end, will it matter?

  6. This is what I posted.
    I have news for you Anne Barber… Cuba has always had what you call “old-world charm.” Before the infamous robolution Havana used to be called the Paris of the Caribbean. Even its first famous tourist – Christopher Columbus- was smart enough to recognize its beauty. Believe me, it’s no accident Cuba was named “The Pearl of the Antilles.”
    During the Spanish colonization of the island, the Spaniards were so proud of living “in the most beautiful land human eyes have ever beheld,” that no cost was spared in the building of its cities. The churches they built were grandiose, (not tiny like you claim) the buildings were exquisite, the forts massive strongholds. Afterwards, when the republic was in its infancy, the children and grandchildren of the former Spaniards followed in their footsteps creating a collage of magnificent architecture ranging from the Baroque, Art Deco, to Modernist designs. Any architect or architectural student will tell you that Cuba was a treasure trove of architecture. Architectures now lost forever because of ignorant people like you.
    There are countless telephone directories from Cuba –before 1959- gathering dust on the shelves of many U.S. libraries. There you will find numerous listings of “BIG” and small Cuban, American, French, and Latin America businesses that thrived in Cuba without harming its “old World charm.” If anything, it’s not the American “invasion of big business” and it’s obliterating of “the pristine shoreline with high rises – for starters.” The Spanish, the Canadians and the French have already done that. All because of ignorant people like you.
    Your claim that “the people who now live on that land dread the day when wealthy Cuban Americans will return, waving desperately needed money, enticing many to relinquish their tiny homes and land for next to nothing” is ludicrous. First of all Ms. Barber, the land, the homes (whatever is left of them,) their brain, their children and anything else they may “have” belong to the Cuban government. As to the wealthy Cuban-Americans you seem to have so much scorn for, do let me inform you that wasn’t always the case. Our parents left Cuba with only the clothes on their back. We are not going to apologize to you or to anyone else for our prosperity, and I’m sick and tired of ignorant people like you rubbing it in my face.
    Please do me a favor… Next time you decide to spew your malicious slander do catch up on Cuban history and sociology. Cuba is not a peaceful nation and there’s ample evidence to prove that fact. Cubans on the other hand is another story: yes it is true… Cubans are on the surface happy people with “ready smiles and home-grown humor.” It’s in our nature. Think how much happier they would be if they were free. Believe me it’s been a difficult road for us to travel… All because of ignorant people like you.
    You are the one with an arrogant, condescending, and racist rhetoric, who would rather keep the Cuban people in bondage and servitude by providing the Cuban government the resources it needs to keep oppressing them. Shame on you!
    For your information! There are close to 293 countries that presently trade and do “big” business with Cuba. There are currently business in Cuba from Spain, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, Great Britain, Russia, all of Asia, all of Latin America, the Caribbean, the Pacific and the Middle East. So please rest assured that if the people of Cuba “go without food” is not because of the embargo. It’s all to do with mismanagement and embezzlement of funds by the castro brothers and their comrades.
    Case in point: there are more tourists visiting Cuba today than back in the 1950s. Also, you omitted to mention to your readers (by design I’m sure) that food and medicine is excluded from the embargo. As a matter of fact, the U.S. food sale to Cuba in 2007 was over $438 million. Just a little detail you failed to mention. The catch is that Cuba has no credit so they have to pay in cash. You see, the Cuban government has an outstanding debt with other countries totaling $23.844 Billions. Removing the embargo and allowing the Cuban government credit will add the U.S. to that list. Most Americans are not aware that if the Cuban government defaults on these payments, it will come out of the taxpayer’s pocket. They are not aware of these things because of ignorant people like you.
    Overall, for someone who claims to serve the “Prince of Peace” as you claim, you failed to give mention of all the men and women -who truly believe in God and his mercy- rotting in Cuban jails because of their religious beliefs. Shame on you! Who really is your master?

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