The intrepid reporters and journalists of that bastion of integrity and journalism known as the Associated Press have just made an amazing discovery in Cuba. Apparently, there’s much more to the island that Cristobal Colon called “the most beautiful land” that he’d ever seen. Apart from its sheer beauty, money, it seems, grows on trees. And under rocks. And in the Sierras. And in caves and rivers and brooks and nells. In the valleys and on the mountain tops. And when it rains in Cuba, it isnt water that falls in drops and droplets, it’s dollars and tenspots and sawbucks and cnotes.
Hard to believe? Well, not if you read this latest from the news organization on cellphones flying off the shelves in Havana:

Cubans snapping up cell phones
HAVANA – Cubans are lining up out the door and down the block at phone centers in Havana as cell phone service becomes available to all citizens for the first time.
The cell phone contracts cost about $120. That’s more than six times the average state salary and doesn’t include a phone or cards with credit to make and receive calls. Still, hundreds of Cubans are lining up to buy the service.
Many of those waiting to sign up Monday already have cell phones but it was prohibited for most Cubans to have them in their own names. The new government of Raul Castro is making a series of changes in Cuba aimed at eliminating some of the more bothersome restrictions on daily life.

That money couldnt be coming from, say, people like the mulas that live next door to my parent’s house, who travel down to the workers paradise on a weekly basis to “visit family members,” could it? Or maybe, it’s much more plausible to believe that Cuba is the Phrygia of the Caribbean and raul, of course, her Midas.

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  1. Now it’ll be easier for the gov. to spot who’s got an illegal cash income. So anyone who doesn’t walk as they should or talk as they should, can be called in for questioning. “How did you pay for that cell?”, “Where did you find the $240 to buy it and the $130 installation fee?”. This time when they arrest you, you’ll be arrested for some illegal money activity, but you won’t be considered a political prisoner.

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