3 thoughts on “Cuban-American Pundits update”

  1. So I should be OK with illegal immigration because some lawbreakers might be Republicans?
    You had some good points there but the bottom line is that breaking the law is … illegal. When you do something illegal you pay a penalty. If you break into someone’s house you don’t get to stay there because you washed the dishes. The fact that you broke in trumps the fact that you got the wine glasses to dry streak free.
    Yes, we should and will continue to welcome immigrants. LEGAL immigrants.
    I don’t see why this is such a challenge for people. Try moving to Mexico without proper documents. Seriously … try it. See how long it takes them to deport your ass. Any country for that matter. I lived in Italy for three years. Those people will haul your ass off quicker than you can say “buon giorno” if they catch you there illegally. They don’t play around with illegals. The carabinieri make surprise inspections of businesses all the time. They check everyone’s papers and if you don’t have your permesso di sogiorno (a document you get when you go to the authorities and present your visa if you are staying more than 90 days) you are screwed. And, by the way, Italy is looking for immigrant workers for the north since Italians don’t like to leave their home towns. So it isn’t like they don’t actually welcome immigrants. They just take their laws a tad more seriously than we seem to.
    And I am really sensitive about this issue since I have non-Italian friends in Italy that have been trying for years to get visas to move to the US but are denied every time. One is going on twelve years now. How should people like this feel when they follow the rules and get screwed? Should they just break the law too?
    When does it stop? After someone sneaks in with a nuke?

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