El Farito From a Different Wavelength

Miami IR-5057-Edit_web.jpg
I take the time to bring you a break from the latest tripe being promulgated by Obama and the elitist left that abhors those folks who cling to religion and guns and that have antipathy towards immigrants because they are bitter, by offering you a photo of one of my favorite places … El Farito, the Cape Florida Lighthouse in Bil Baggs Cape Florida State Park on Key Biscayne. If you grew up in the 1970’s here to a Cuban family, you went there on Sundays to enjoy the beach, the shade, and the picnic where every family brought a different dish and where every family brought their kids.
The park has changed much as the lighthouse has too .. both have been restored to their original splendor post Hurricane Andrew.
So how is this photo different? Well, now that film is more or less obsolete, we’ve been buying digital cameras. Like computers, our digital cameras tend to become obsolete as new technology comes before us. My first digital SLR, my Canon 20D, became the lonely step child after my subsequent purchases of a Canon EOS 1d Mark II, a Canon EOS 5d, and now more recently, a Canon EOS 40D. So rather than scrap the camera or sell it for peanuts on Ebay, I sent it in to a place in Washington state called Lifepixel which converts your old cameras to full time infrared cameras. Here is a shot with my new full time deep infrared converted 20D which now takes photos in the deep IR wavelength. Unlike with IR film, you don’t need opaque filters or any guesswork in exposing and focusing your image. You can handhold your camera if you wish.
So here you have it folks, Monday morning lighthouse in Infrared.

7 thoughts on “El Farito From a Different Wavelength”

  1. Jon, Lifepixel will calibrate your camera to a 50.18 (canon) or to any lens you give them. I had mine calibrated to the 50 1.8; I simply shoot at f/8 or f/11 and have no issues with a/f.

  2. The effect is similar to those old B&W movies where they tried to make it look like night time in broad daylight with a filter.

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