Maybe he can buy a cell phone

Lázaro Alejandro García Farah

Political prisoner Lázaro Alejandro García Farah has not been allowed to use a telephone for more than a month, according to his mother.
Gladys Farah told independent journalist Belinda Salas Tapanes blamed State Security for putting her son into a state of incomuncado and for not providing him with adequate medical care. Farah said Lázaro is suffering from respiratory problems, according to Salas’ report, posted at Miscelaneas de Cuba.
“Whatever happens to my son is the government’s responsibility,” said Farah, adding that Cuban prisons are a “replica of the big prison that Cuba has become.”
García Farah, 40, is being held at the Boniato prison in Santiago de Cuba. He was sentenced in August 1994 to 25 years in prison for his involvement in the hijacking of the “Baraguá” ferry boat.
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