3 thoughts on “The Duke University Cuba Conference”

  1. Ugh.
    Phil Peters and Carlos Saladrigas.
    Capitulation and “dialogue”.
    All very reasonable of course.

  2. I knew I smelled a dead rat when this Duke Conference was posted several weeks ago.
    Carlos Saladrigas is bad news for Cuba. All he’s interested in is increasing -his already large- bank account. I’ll just bet he’s counting the days for the embargo to be lifted.
    It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if he’s on Obama’s list of contributors.

  3. First, before you come to the McCarthyist conclusion that this event was a “dead rat,” you shoud look more closely at the conjunto of those who spoke: GP Firmat, Oscar Hijuelos, Huber Matos, Bertha Antunez, Jorge Luis Garcia Perez Antunez, Paya, Damian Fernandez, Maria Cristina Garcia, Andy Gomez. Fair and balanced if you ask me.
    But more importantly, since when is listening to a speaker you might disagree with wrong or unhealthy? (And I can assure you that many did not agree with what Peters and Saladrigas had to say, and they expressed their opinions firmly but respectfully)
    It is high time that those who so desperately want democracy for Cuba (a practice that requires compromise and talking through differences of opinion) learn to practice what they preach.

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