Interesting Article on Kendrick Meek

In Cigar Aficionado, interesting article on the So. Fla. Dem. who’s right on Cuba and on Cigars.
The article notes:

“I’m in favor of the embargo on Cuba,” Meek says, taking a position contrary to that of many in his party, but in line with the louder and politically influential Cuban Americans in South Florida. “It’s working, but not as fast as everyone would like.”
Meek’s strong support includes a refusal to smoke Cuban cigars. “I’ll smoke other cigars,” Meek confides as lunch ends at Smith & Wollensky, “not just Padróns. I’ll smoke an Ashton every now and then. I just won’t smoke Cubans.”

Read it here.

5 thoughts on “Interesting Article on Kendrick Meek”

  1. Dont be fooled….he is a LIBERAL and not in the clasic sense. I think he likes Obama but at least he likes Miami-based cigars. I read an Op-Ed piece where he gave the liberals hell for complaining about giving the owners of Padron access to pesky-Pelosi to lobby away the cigar tax.
    Thank God it did not pass because many home grown cigar companies (Gloria Cubana, La Flor, Aliados, La India and many more) would have gone broke. Kudos to him for that.
    Reality is that its the Cuban “old” guard that is keeping him honest. Let’s keep the pressure on these librals….

  2. We can’t expect him to be J.C Watts. He is a Democrat. But he’s to commended on Cuba. We can thank the work of our congresspersons in building the coalition as well as the U.S./Cuba Democracy PAC that’s picked up the slack since CANF faded into irrelevance.

  3. “Cigar Aficionado” should change its name to “Conflict of Interests.” It’s a blatant case of that, and I have no respect for anyone, especially anyone of Cuban descent, who in any way plays along with it. It’s disgusting, despite all the slick and glossy “good life” window dressing.

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