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On April 27, 1961, Navy maintenance technician, Don Roberts, aboard the US aircraft carrier Essex, off the northern coast of Cuba, entered the following into his diary:

“Secured from general quarters. We can’t believe it. What a screwed up mess. Some men are openly crying.”

What he was referring to, of course, was the failed Bay of Pigs invasion where thousands of Cubans, along with Americans, were abandoned and left to die without the air support that America’s supposed “best and brightest,” the Kennedy administration, had promised. As a crew member, Mr. Roberts heard the desperate pleas by these brave men for the air support they were expecting. The planes and the support, however, never appeared and in April of 1961, the members of the Brigada Asalto 2506 became the victims of one of the cruelest and most heartless betrayals by an American administration in modern history.
You can read the account of Don Robert’s experience aboard the USS Essex in April of 1961, HERE.

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  1. Sad, sad…very sad. A few years ago I was in Dallas and was visiting the site were Kennedy was shot. I was in front of the book depository bldg were Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly took the shots…I turned to see how far Kennedy’s motorcade was from that point, at that moment I heard a man next to me say “nice shot”…He was a Cuban from Milwaukee who’s uncle had died in the Bay of Pigs invasion.

  2. If you think Kennedy was bad, imagine what Obama would be like as president. The parallels are certainly there, and certainly frightening.
    Kennedy was a photogenic, mediagenic fraud. He had far more arrogance and ambition than suitability for the job he so desperately wanted and got. The fact anybody still speaks of him with admiration is astonishing, but of course, as long as there’s any mileage to be had from his “legend,” there will always be those who will play along with the charade.

  3. Kennedy, Carter, Clinton relied far too much on the same idiotic liberal academic advisors who support o Obama and Hillary. Worse than that about two years ago Howard Dean, Chair of the Democratic Party, attended functions of the renamed Italian communist party …
    No wonder Lieberman may speak at the Republican Convention

  4. I can very well relate to Don Roberts comments. My ship the USS-CONWAY- DDE-507 was one of the escorts for the Essex on that mission and we went into the bay on the last night to pick up survivers. We put a boat over the side to go in as close as possible to the beach.Some of us actually went into the water to bring out the most wounded who were trying to swim out to us. Its been well over 40 years and I was just over 17 yrs of age, but I WILL NEVER FORGET THE BRAVE MEN OF THE BRIGADA 2506. May our God ALWAYS HAVE THEM IN HIS GLORY and may we NEVER FORGET THE COURAGEOUS AND VALIANT BATTLE THEY FOUGHT IN DEFENCE OF FREEDOM. MAY WE NEVER FORGET BACKSTAB THE 1961 DEMOCRATIC PARTY GAVE THE CUBAN PEOPLE. That backstab almost brought humankind to a halt in 1962, and Cuba is still 50 yrs later living in the dark ages.

  5. To think that were it not for that betrayal, Cuba would have been liberated. The US government’s claim of support for democracy and freedom is a lie as long as they deny Cubans the right to liberate their homeland.

  6. Bay of Pigs wasn’t even the worst, at least in numbers. It was repeated on a larger scale when Bush #41 abandoned the Shiites in the South and the Kurds in the north in ’92.

    We’re still paying for that betrayal in the form of vacillation by many of the locals in Iraq who just can’t be sure we’re going to see this thing through. And if they know anything about American politics (and these days they can’t afford not to), they have to be shaking in their boots over the prospect of Barak Clinton.

    Obviously we’re also still paying for the Bay of Pigs, with a near nuclear war 18 months later, a tentacle of the Soviet octopus for 32 years that used Cuba to reach deeper into Central and South America, which in turn gave us Ortega and Chavez & Co.

    Like walking the first batter, this stuff that seems expedient or harmless in the moment comes back to bite you, and hard.

  7. Nobody, of any party, as green as Kennedy was and Obama is, should be considered for the presidency of the US. It’s too much to handle. Unfortunately, common sense is hardly common.

  8. Everybody’s green who has never been president before. There’s nothing that can train you for that gig. All we can do is pick a guy who is solid on the issues and appears to have a history of level-headed behavior under pressure, and hope the transition team provides level-headed advisors, cabinet members, brain trusts, etc.

  9. Asombra, JFK did not make the wrong decision because he was “green”, he made the wrong decision because he was afraid. He took the advice of Stevenson who suggested that an attack would ruffle people’s feathers. JFK had many years of experience in the house and senate. But as history shows, all that experience does not mean anything.
    Case in chief, Harry Truman. He was green. He had some experience in the Senate and years as a county judge and then he sold clothes in Missouri.
    He was as green as you can be. He was faced with the most difficult decision any president in the history of the US had to make, whether to drop the atomic bomb to end the war in the Pacific.
    He made the courageous decision to drop it. He also pushed the Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe and established the Truman doctrine to stop the spread of communism. JFK apparently couldn’t give two hoots about the Truman doctrine for if he had invoked it, the US could have invaded Cuba to drive out the communists.
    Truman was an unlikely hero; one the Dems have not had since and will never see again.
    Of course, the BOP fiasco hurt JFK so much that he nearly brought the world to a nuclear war over the Cuban Missiles. Had he shown balls in the first place, there would have been no missile crises.
    Obama is no Truman or JFK. Obama is more akin to Jimmy Carter who is hugging and kissing members of Hamas right now.
    And Carter? He was a 2 term GA governor with a PhD in Nuclear Physics. One would think he was experienced to be President, and we all know how he turned out.

  10. When I say “green” I don’t just mean job experience or items on a CV/resume. I also include degree of maturity or “ripeness” in terms of character (Truman had far more of that than Kennedy, for instance). In other words, it’s not just how much you’ve done, it’s also how solid your trunk is, so to speak.

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