Fontova on Obamakennedy

From Newsmax:

JFK called Ted Sorensen his “intellectual blood-bank.” No presidential speechwriter has ever earned such a tribute. Now the 80-year-old Sorensen has jumped aboard the Obama campaign as an enthusiastic adviser.
“Senator Obama is the one candidate who can restore America’s moral authority and regain the respect essential to our security,” he recently declared. “Both JFK and Obama were cerebral rather than emotional speakers, relying on the communication of values and hope rather than cheap applause lines.”

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3 thoughts on “Fontova on Obamakennedy”

  1. The more I know about JFK and his “Camelot” pals, the more nauseous I get. What a bunch of conceited and ultimately worthless assholes!

  2. Sorensen was Kennedy’s intellectual blood bank? Closer to intellectual blood sucker. JFK remains America’s most overrated President. He was a charismatic failure with a great publicity department.

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