Meddling micromanager

Child of the Revolution ponders the meaning of the latest castro-torial published in the official Cuban media in which fidel lambastes some of the recent comments made by others in the official Cuban media:

But I reckon the paragraph in the column that really irked the ailing old man in his labyrinth was a thinly-veiled criticism of the way Castro used to micro manage just about every significant decision made in Cuba until recently. Especially his continuing interference in agricultural policies, with predictably disastrous results.
“Of course,” Sexto wrote, “the man who is accustomed to issue dictates from his office or from his Jeep – what to sow, how to harvest – may be distressed to see producers gaining autonomy, gaining the ability to make their own decisions.”
Dictating from his office? From his Jeep? That’s Castro, alright.