Who’s the leader of the club…

…that’s made for you and me?
In an irony of ironies, Los Miquis de Miami has posted recent pictures of Elian and Juan Miguel Gonzalez at what appears to be birthday party where Mickey and Minnie Mouse made an appearance.
As Los Miquis notes, fidel has unleashed a (verbal) crusade against “consumerism” and warned against “concessions to ideology of the enemy”. Word apparently hasn’t gotten to Cárdenas where the Gonzalez family lives.
A commenter notes, “in the second photo, look at the dissident child in the corner, seated wearing a red shirt and apart from the rest.” Yes look at him. One can only hope that the middle finger salute is directed to the castro brothers.
Elian is in the second photo as well he’s the boy in the top right next to the red crayon.

3 thoughts on “Who’s the leader of the club…”

  1. Their is a kid giving “the finger” to the camera -it’s the second picture and he is sitting on the bottom right by himself. Classic!

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