Cuba Nostalgia, in Pictures

Cuba Nostalgia is just around the corner and I thought I’d offer up a visual spectacle of why you all should try to attend:
Great authors.
Great artists.
Great food.
Meet Cuban culinary masters.
Great music.
You might also get a chance to see Val cry, live and uncensored. Or see Val the fat ass make a pig of himself. Or, you can snap a pic of Val gettin’ his freak on.
There’s also the attractive Cubanita reading blog stuff factor.
Or maybe, just maybe, you get to kiss a legend, and make an old Cuban master musician smile.

* * *

It’s not all fun and games, though, folks. We bust our behinds in planning, preparations, scheduling, building, coordinating, and, unfortunately, fundraising. Give us a hand and drop a few bucks in the till, will ya?

Note: All photos taken by photographer Julio Zangroniz.

5 thoughts on “Cuba Nostalgia, in Pictures”

  1. WHOA! Crying, fat asses, pigging out, getting a freak on AND kissing Cuban? I am SO there!
    Question, which legend will man the kissing booth this year?

  2. HOLY CRAP – That’s me (pale, pasty oversized female) dancing con Valentin! Hell, I had a great time!

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