Most of MSM AWOL on Cuba

I’ve been looking for coverage of the arrests of the Ladies in White and have found only accounts from the BBC and Reuters’ resident commie reporter. Where’s the associated press, NBC, and others that Havana bureaus? They are always chomping at the bit to announce one of dictator jr.’s new “reforms” but are AWOL on continuing human rights abuses.

10 thoughts on “Most of MSM AWOL on Cuba”

  1. Martha B on CNN scant Reporting this tragic event
    “No hemos visto por la televisión de aquí de la oficina de intereses nada de esto, pero no lo dudo porque no querrán perder el piso que tienen en el habana libre.mbr ”
    april 21, 2008

  2. we’ve been always on our own….and it’s going to continue like that for a long time……self reliance is our destiny…

  3. The MSM is where it has always been and fully intends to remain: pursuing its own agenda and protecting and furthering its own interests. This has nothing to do with “public service” or “the greater good.” Actions (or lack thereof) always speak far louder than lip service.

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