The more things change, in Cuba…

…the more they stay the same:

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April 21 – A group of Cuban women peacefully demonstrating for the release of their jailed husbands were roughed up by a mob and arrested on Monday near the offices of Cuban dictator Raul Castro.
The 10 women, members of an organization known as the “Women in White,” gathered at a park Monday morning at the edge of Cuba’s Revolution Square, where the government and Communist Party headquarters are located.
They wore white T-shirts emblazoned with the faces and names of their loved ones, but carried no signs.
“We are here to demand the release of our husbands and won’t leave until they are free or they arrest us. We have waited long enough, we want to talk to the new president,” group leader Laura Pollan said.
Moments later, a bus pulled up and about 20 female corrections officers tried to arrest the women, who sat on the sidewalk, clasped arms and refused to move. “They are dying, they are dying,” one women yelled with tears in her eyes as the corrections officer tried to move her toward the bus.
A mob of about 100 government supporters, mainly women from nearby government buildings, quickly entered the fray, pushing the women, picking them up, throwing them into the waiting bus and yelling insults

Photo via The Real Cuba, who has more.

10 thoughts on “The more things change, in Cuba…”

  1. Every face in the pictures should be documented.
    Pay back is a bitch! I can’t wait to see the those scumbag commies beg for mercy. “No I wasn’t a prison gaurd” No MERCY!

  2. Comment deleted and asshole banned by el que mas mea.
    Enough with the pseudo-Cuban elitist partisan bullshit, miramira.

  3. opiano licario // Apr 21, 2008 at 7:30 pm
    Esta serie de fotos deberían publicarse en todos los medios a nuestro alcance. Si fuese posible que todos los blog y medios las enlacen para que se divulguen lo más posible, estaríamos haciendo algo para echar a rodar la bola de nieve.

  4. Now Val,
    When you follow one of my posts with ASSHOLE, I know its your blog and all but I must insist on MISTER ASSHOLE.
    I know it was directed at miramiradePalmira, but I was busting you on that Obama connection with The Rapid Response Force.
    The pictures speak for themselves and if we had e-mail addresses for Danny Glover, Harry Belefante and the usual suspects a little e-mail cramming would be in order.

  5. Noticed the new bus in the back?!!! So that’s what they are using the new buses from China for!!!!!!

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