Sin Verguenza or More Exactly Sinverguenzas

If there were any doubt as to the utter shamelessness of the regime in Havana, their media attack against the Women in White today must remove it. Even for them, this is a new low. Apparently not content with the unjust imprisonment and near de facto death sentence of the Damas’ family members or with the manhandling of the women yesterday because they had the audacity to peacefully demonstrate for the freedom of those same family members, the regime today unleashed a blistering attack accusing them of subversion. Trotting out their favorite chichiricumandinga, the United States, they showed televised footage of the ladies meeting with the head of the US Interests Section, Michael Parmly, to bolster their accusations that the women are acting on the orders of the US.
The ladies have made clear time and time again that their only purpose is to free their husbands, fathers, etc. They have very carefully tried to avoid taking political positions. But of course to openly demand any kind of freedom, particularly that of “non-existent” political prisoners, however peacefully, is a decided threat to the totalitarian dictatorship of Raul.
Perhaps the reason they felt the need to publicly besmirch the ladies had more to do with the media coverage. As Marc pointed out yesterday, the regime showed its true colors by its treatment of the women, a setback in their propaganda campaign as the “kinder, gentler” dictatorship.
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3 thoughts on “Sin Verguenza or More Exactly Sinverguenzas”

  1. Outrage doesn’t even begin to cover the physical abuse and now the lame the Ladies in White are a US tool argument.
    And George over at The Real Cuba tell us that a NY state official was meeting with regime members to drum up business for NY state while all this was going on.

  2. This event highlights that all the cosmetic changes raulita is making don’t mean a thing if political changes don’t go in tandem.
    As to Wannabe “Amnesty international” and Cuban Political prisoners…
    “Amnesty International recognizes 58 as prisoners of conscience who are jailed solely for peacefully expressing their beliefs.”
    During the 1950s there were 14 prisons in Cuba; by the early 1960s there were over 250 (many schools and other buildings were turned to prisons). Soooo…. What do you think?

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